Water Infrastructure Construction

Expertise in Building Systems that Store, Treat & Deliver Clean Water

More than 40 years ago, the founders of Conco West, Inc. started a construction company focusing on structural concrete contractor work. Founder Keith DeRousse quickly built a reputation for high-quality construction. In years to come, Conco West, Inc. expanded its expertise to include site work and underground contracting work as part of the structural concrete scope of work.

In 1986, Conco West, Inc. completed construction of several Booster Pump Station facilities, including its first major project as a General Contractor at the Deer Creek Pump Station. These projects launched Conco West, Inc. into specializing in water infrastructure, which represents the majority of the construction we do today.

As a result of this expertise, gained over the course of 40 years, Conco West, Inc. has become a leader in the construction of critical water infrastructure, including water storagepump stations, and water treatment plants.

Our specific skills, experienced labor, and equipment fleet allow us to self-perform many tasks, including:

Because of the breadth of our in-house labor skillsets and equipment, as well as our commitment to using the latest innovations in engineering technology, we control cost and timelines better than many competing construction companies.