Storm Water Pump Stations

Protecting Communities During Rain Storms and Floods

Conco West, Inc. has constructed more than 60 storm water pump stations, which include outfall structures and pipelines.

The projects normally consist of either submersible pumps, vertical turbine pumps or mixed flow pumps in excess of 15 CFS and also include standby diesel generators, electrical and specialized instrumentation with communications.

We have constructed storm pump stations in combination with irrigation pumps for reclaiming storm water for irrigation needs. Some of these facilities have included lined or unlined storage basins with or without diffused air systems to enhance water quality.

2019 finds Conco West, Inc. nearing completion of the South Lathrop Commerce Storm Pump Station, which includes a cast in place Wet Well with Screening Facility, 280 HP Submersible Pumps, Electrical and Control Systems, and a Standby Diesel Generator. This facility is capable of pumping in excess of 92,000 GPM or 205 CFS. This project also includes a cast in place Out Fall Structure located at the San Joaquin River.