Booster Pump Stations

Keeping the Pressure Up is No Pressure for Conco West, Inc.

Conco West, Inc. has constructed more than 50 booster pump stations with capacities from less than 500 GPM to flows exceeding 10,000 GPM.

Our booster pump construction projects utilize many types of pumps, including canned vertical turbine, canned submersible, centrifugal as well as diesel-driven centrifugal pumps for fire flow.

We have the ability to provide temporary pumping facilities for potable and non-potable systems to keep the pressure up and ensure reliability during any type of reconstruction activities.

Conco West, Inc. recently completed the Stage 1 Recycled Water Pump Station for the City of Lathrop. The project included a Canned Vertical Turbine Booster Pump System, a Water Filtration System, a Dissolved Air Treatment System, a Hydro-Pneumatic Tank System and an Electrical/Control System.