Water Well Pump Stations

Groundwater Well Sites Providing Plentiful Water

Conco West, Inc. is a leading constructor of domestic water well sites in California’s Central Valley and Bay Area.

We have built more than 80 well site facilities, including those with well pumps up to 750 HP and production over 7000 GPM. These well sites met the needs of domestic systems, treatment plant water as well as irrigation facilities. Many of these projects required extensive water treatment systems as part of the construction and significant architectural treatments to blend with the surroundings or development requirements.

Well drilling is also often needed. We have many team partners to help us provide solutions to all your well site needs.

When it comes to domestic well sites, we have the capacity to do site development, underground pipelines, pump installation and drainage work. Whatever the project requires, our staff is ready to provide cost-effective solutions.

Nearing completion is the East Main Ave. Well No. 3 in Morgan Hill, CA. This project is a Potable Water Well Site which will provide more than 500 gal/min of potable water to the City’s water system. The project includes installation of Well Pump, Architectural Block Well/Control Building, Chemical Storage & Feed System, Electrical/Control System and Landscape.