Building for a Pure Water Future

Conco West, Inc. is a leading construction contractor for water treatment facilities in the Central Valley and Bay Area. We have been chosen as the general contractor for more than 45 water treatment plants.

We are a leading installer of GAC (Granular Activated Carbon), iron-manganese and arsenic filters in the Central and Northern California area. Conco West, Inc. has extensive experience constructing many types of water treatment systems.

Recent projects have included horizontal and vertical pressure filters utilizing either coagulation filtration or adsorption-type media processes. Most include the installation of chemical storage and feed equipment.

Conco West, Inc. recently completed the City of Manteca Well No. 28 & 29 Equipping. The project included Underground Pipeline, Masonry Well/Control Buildings, Arsenic and Manganese Treatment Systems, Backwash Tanks, Structural Concrete Treatment Sump, Backup Power System, Electrical and Control Systems and Landscaping.