Constructed to provide an aesthetically pleasing view from the road, the Water Treatment Plant project included the equipping of the Well, Masonry Well/Control Building, Horizontal Pressure Filter System, Backwash Storage Tank, Bathroom Building, Emergency Backup Power System, Electrical Control System, and Site Architectural Fencing System.

The weight of the project was almost 15,000 LF of 30”-12” PVC and DIP pipe. This project included installation of 18” DIP pipe hung off the side of a bridge. Our team’s only access was from the top deck of the bridge. The project also included bore and jack at a railroad crossing and creek crossing.

This project included a Junction Box structure and 390 feet of 3-foot by 12-foot Box Culvert. Conco West designed a sliding deck shoring system, which expedited the completion of the box culvert.

This project added 4.0 MG of Potable Water Storage to the city’s potable water system. This project included a 4.0 MG Pre-stressed Concrete Storage Reservoir designed by DN Tanks, a Masonry Booster Rump Station featuring more than 10,000 GPM of pumping capacity, Electrical/Control System, Surge Control System, Backup Power System, and Landscaping.

This pump station is capable of supplying over 8000 GPM of potable water utilizing a 2.0 MG concrete reservoir. This project consisted of Site Work, an Architectural Masonry Building, Canned Vertical Turbine Pumps, a Chemical Feed Storage and Injection System, an Electrical and Control System and a Standby Diesel Generator.

The project included a Canned Vertical Turbine Booster Pump System, a Water Filtration System, a Dissolved Air Treatment System, a Hydro-Pneumatic Tank System and an Electrical/Control System.

This project provided the City of Lathrop with a robust Sewer Pump Station Facility for the Tri-Point Logistics Center. This project included a 31-foot-deep Precast Wet Well and Valve Vault Structures. The project includes 12 HP Submersible Pumps, Chemical Feed and Chemical Storage System, Electrical and Control System.

The project included Underground Pipeline, Masonry Well/Control Buildings, Arsenic and Manganese Treatment Systems, Backwash Tanks, Structural Concrete Treatment Sump, Backup Power System, Electrical and Control Systems and Landscaping.