Sewer Pump Stations

Building Durable Sewer Lift Infrastructure Projects

Conco West, Inc. has constructed in excess of 60 sewer lift/sewer pump stations including Dry Pit and Wet Pit construction.

Completed pump station facilities normally consist of centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps installed in pre-manufactured stations, precast wet well barrel structures or cast-in-place concrete structures.

During repairs or renovation, many of the constructed facilities require bypass pumping. Conco West, Inc. has vast experience with bypass pumping and have designed systems where public works agencies have enjoyed cost savings and reliability with our bypass methods. Our crews are well trained in confined space procedures and have trained with fire departments. We maintain an inventory of confined space retrieval and monitoring equipment to allow us to work in the most challenging of environments.

Whatever the situation, Conco West, Inc. can provide the solution to your difficult sewer pump station projects.

Recently Conco West, Inc constructed the Influent Pump Station Rehabilitation for the City of Manteca. The project required a complete bypass of all the incoming flows at the City of Manteca’s WQCP to allow the influent structure to be re-lined. Conco West Inc, in association with our construction team, designed a bypass system that enabled 100% of the 15 MGD Max flows to be bypassed without the use of pumps. This provided the City of Manteca with an extremely reliable bypass thus reducing the liability to Conco West Inc, City of Manteca and our construction team. The methods we employed on this project also allowed us to provide the city with significant cost savings over our competitors.

Recently completed, the South Lathrop Sewer Pump Station provides the City of Lathrop with a robust Sewer Pump Station Facility for the Tri-Point Logistics Center. This project included a 31-foot-deep Precast Wet Well and Valve Vault Structures. The project includes 12 HP Submersible Pumps, Chemical Feed and Chemical Storage System, Electrical and Control System.